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Posted by Marianne Halbert on June 2, 2010 at 5:56 PM

OK. My website has been up for a couple weeks now. I've had almost a couple hundred visitors. Which is nice, but begs the question, why do I only have 10 members (and I'm one of them) and even fewer comments? Is it that people are more curious than interested? Are my friends shyer than I realized?


I have spent a lot of these past couple weeks on getting ready for the "Bedlam at the Brickyard" launch party (June 12, from 2-5, Carmel Barnes & Noble - See "Upcoming Events") Letting people know, creating my own labels to put on bookmarks that include my web address, helping the local SinC chapter order really really cool looking bookmarks.


I have also been flooded with ideas for some of Pill Hill Press' call for submissions. They definitely seem to be the biggest fish in the pond at the moment when it comes to print publication for speculative short stories. Which is my niche. I realize I'd open myself to a wider marker if I submitted to e-zines, but I can't hold an e-zine in my hand, or read it in bed, or line it up on my Dream Shelf. So, with only one exception (Thug Lit), I limit myself to print publication submissions, and I continue to lay awake at night while my characters tell me what they are going to do next, and write by day so they can get out of my head and make their way on to the page.


Today, I finished my first draft of a short story titled, "Upon Further Reflection". I wrote it for Pill Hill's clone anthology, and have high hopes that it will make it in (because it's a very cool story), but am letting my critique group take their red pens to it first, before I submit it. My husband, a major Sci-Fi buff, read it and had a couple helpful suggestions that will make their way in to the story too.


Now, I'll get back to my creepy story for the "Middle of Nowhere" submission. Just finished reading the first edition, and would love to be a part of the 2nd. Then I'll be finishing my necromancer story, and after that, I need to buckle down, send out a bunch of queries for my first novel, and get back to writing the second one.


I also made my own business cards for my website, and passed the first one out today when we ran into one of the girls' teachers today while signing them up for summer reading at the library. That felt good. Please hang out a moment longer, the blondie brownies are almost out of the oven. I'll be write with you...

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Reply sarah
11:15 PM on October 24, 2011 
Marianne - I love your website! The tagline is great. It sounds like you've found such a great niche. I am sorry it took so long to stop by!